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Accessorizing your Coastal Style Home

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Coastal Style means a relaxed, casual vibe. And it never goes out of style. But, coastal decor has come a long way from shower curtains covered in fish and lighthouse figurines.  Today, coastal style has a touch of class, while still managing to look lived-in and comfortable. Here are some ideas for accessorizing your house, even if you live nowhere near the water!

1.  Nautical Accessories

Nautical accessories are a fun feature in coastal style. They typically have to do with sailors or navigation, for example a vintage compass, a telescope, anchor motifs, a string of signal flags, or lighthouse art.

Blue Pitcher with anchor       Glass lantern with shells

2.  Beach-Inspired Soft Furnishings

The soft furnishings in your coastal-style space should be comfortable and casual.  Cabana stripes, coral motifs, and shells are all popular fabric choices. Throw pillows, baskets full of throws, natural fiber table linens, slipcovered furniture all signal the comfort of coastal style.

3.  Natural Elements

Objects found on the beach are naturally beautiful, and instantly evoke coastal style. In fact, no coastal space would be complete without natural elements such as starfish, sand dollars, corals, driftwood, or shells. You can simply display these items in jars and bowls, or incorporate them with other accessories. For example, seashell picture frames, driftwood candle holders, and sea glass mosaics… just to name a few.

jute picture frame and glass jar       drift wood seahorse

4.  Lanterns Light the Way

As for lighting in a coastal space, lanterns make an attractive accent. Tabletop lanterns filled with pillar candles and shells look beautiful indoors or out, while an oversized floor lantern makes an impressive statement piece. These can easily be filled with seasonal accessories as well, all year long. Fixtures like those found in a ship’s quarters are also spot-on.

5.  Vintage Maritime Pieces

Vintage fishing or boating equipment would make great conversation pieces in a coastal space. Examples of this might be be glass fishing floats tied up in a net and hung from a hook or old crab pots used as storage pieces. Buoys displayed on tabletop look great as do wooden oars as wall art. Other vintage items that would work in a coastal space include globes or maps, especially maps of a coastal area.

So find your piece of the coast and make it part of your home.

old bouies       boat wheels

Richard Powell, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

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Richard Powell, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware