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There are many options when it comes to window treatments, but not all serve the same purpose. It’s important to determine what your needs are for the room in which you are placing them. 

Shade: The most common use for window treatments is to block harsh rays that stream into rooms on sunny mornings and afternoons. Though natural light can be a welcomed guest, window treatments can provide filtered light and shade when needed.

Privacy: Window treatment can be a privacy option for rooms that face the street or neighboring homes, particularly first floor bedrooms and bathrooms.

Insulation and Energy Savings: Rooms with a tendency to lose heat in the winter and let in heat during the summer can become unusable space. In many instances, window treatments can make a space usable again and can lead to long-term energy savings.

Decoration: When a space lacks character and décor, window treatments can be a simple solution to bland walls and lackluster rooms. Window treatments can also highlight views beyond the window.


You might be looking for window treatments that serve some, or all, of these needs. Take a look at some of the following options: 




Shutters: Shutters can be designed and measured to fit the style of the room and the size of the window or door. Unlike traditional blinds, shutters are opened and closed using a hinge system and are traditionally attached to the frame from the side. They are a durable option yet classic look for any room.

Blinds: Blinds have come a long way from flimsy plastic slats and tangled strings. Thick, durable blinds come in a variety of styles and colors and are a practical, yet decorative, solution to drafty, sunny or street-facing rooms.


Wood Norman BlindsFaux Wood Norman blinds

Shades: Shades are similar to blinds in function, but are made of translucent or thick fabrics. For visual interest, consider pleated, patterned or textured shades that tie into the room’s décor. Shades offer a softer look, but with the same practicality as blinds.

Blinds and shadesRoman shades

Curtains: Curtains are a go-to window treatment for shade, privacy, insulation and decoration. Add extra layers, like shear curtains, to filter light throughout the day or a thicker material to block light when needed.

Cornices: Cornices hang above the window and are made of fabric or wood. While they don’t always block the sun, cornices can draw the eye upward and create visual interest. They are great for hiding rods and tracking systems while also adding character to the room.

Window treatments can be customized to fit any size window and style of room. Come into Kendall Furniture and check out brands like Norman Window Fashions and more for all your window treatment needs or give us a call to set up your free in-home consultation, 302-581-0061.

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