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Coastal Style Magazine Best of Winner…Again!

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Kendall Furniture is taking home three Coastal Style Magazine “Best Of” Awards for 2017.

This year, Kendall Furniture has won awards for “Best Furniture Store in Worcester County”, “Best Outdoor Furnishings Store in Worcester County” and “Adele Zaniewski – Best Interior Designer in Worcester County”.

For the third consecutive year, Adele has claimed the title of best interior designer. A senior design consultant with Kendall Furniture, she has spent the past 13 years at the company building a reputation as one of the area’s leading designers.

Adele best of winner

Adele expressed her appreciation for the people who made the award a reality.

“It comes from the people and I feel like that just couldn’t be any better,” Adele said. “It means so much to me that they would even consider me for the third year. I truly appreciate it and I really do take it as an honor … I love what I do and am blessed to have a position I have passion for.”

Over the years, Kendall Furniture has received numerous awards in several categories, including best patio store, best furniture store, best accessory store and best interior designer.

Owner Joe Kendall attributes the company’s accolades to its hardworking employees.

Kendall Furniture Best of

“It’s simply a testament to our staff and the people that are around me,” he said. “The place might be called Kendall’s, but it’s 30 people that go to work every day to make the company what it is. Without those 30 people, there wouldn’t be awards. There wouldn’t be success stories. It’s those people I tip my hat to and the reason that we won the award.”

Joe explained that each of Kendall Furniture’s employees have played a hand in the success and reputation of the company.

“Kendall Furniture has different departments,” Joe said. “There’s delivery, customer service, our bookkeeping and our associates in the store who help customers make decisions. Every department does what it has to do to make the team a success … It’s all about a team, and if a part of your team is not doing the job you’re not going to win championships.”

Whether you are looking for couches, tables, patio furniture or a great interior designer, stop by Kendall Furniture at any one of its locations and see the best the area has to offer.

Richard Powell, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

Why Do I Like Kendall Furniture?

Thanks to Kendall’s and the superior design service provided by Cindy Centineo, our new Delaware home is picture perfect.

Richard Powell, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware